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Say Goodbye to Frustrating Vocal Breaks and Cracks Once and for All!

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By the End of This Course You'll...

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Feel Powerful in Your Upper and Lower Registers

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Balance and Expand Your Range

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Be in Control of Your Voice

Feel great no matter what you sing

We've all been there...we are singing along, feeling great and getting ready to hit the big money note and our voice. just. cracks. It's frustrating and embarrassing and, no matter how professional of a singer you are, it can take you right out of the moment and the emotion of the song. It attacks confidence and creates hesitation the next time you want to go for it. Say goodbye to the frustration of vocal breaks and cracks and hello to your most professional, confident sound. It's time to Erase Your Break!
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Science-Backed Curriculum for Any Style!

Get lifetime access to 10 weeks of on-demand lessons, 50 videos, 40 downloadable audio exercises, downloadable supplemental materials and support. (All valued at over $2,000)

Get Out of Your Own Way

Align your voice, mind and body to release tension, access support and shape your voice in a way that sounds, and feels, great.
Module 2

Your Lower Register

If you want to belt, you need to start with developing your lower register. Plus, who doesn't love some juicy low notes? 
Module 3

Your Upper Register

Agility and flexibility come from developing your upper register and, hello killer high notes!
Module 4

Balance and Connect  

Vocal balance leads to a connected and expanded range and a more confident, consistent sound.
Module 5

Blend, Mix, and Belt

Mixing your vocal registers helps you deliver SO many different sound qualities, blends, shades and options.
Module 6

Put It All Into Action  

Time to take all of the new techniques and tools you’ve learned and start putting them to use in the songs you want to sing!
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Happy customer of the Erase Your Break course
Since using Amber's vocal exercises, I'm able to tour without any vocal strain or fatigue. They make a HUGE difference!
Recording Artist
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Science-Based Curriculum

Apply techniques and go through exercises proven to help singers extend their range and erase breaks. 
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Designed For All

Develop your voice and eliminate your break no matter what style of contemporary singer you are.
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On Your Time

Work through the lessons and assignments at your own pace. Repeat as often as you need! 

Meet Your Teacher:
Amber Mogg Cathey

Amber is a professional vocal coach, vocalist, vocal health specialist and the founder of Evolve Vocal Studio. She works with contemporary singers all over the world and has been continually recognized as one of Nashville’s top vocal coaches. Her clients have appeared on shows such as The Voice, American Idol, Nashville, The X-Factor, The Today Show, Good Morning America, America’s Got Talent and much more. They are major and indie label recording artists, songwriters, stage performers and those looking to advance their voice and artistry.
Erase Your Break instructor and professional vocal coach of many yearsAmber Mogg Cathey
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Course For? 

This course is for anyone that wants to sound like a professional, whether they are one or not! Recording artists and passionate shower singers alike can all benefit from blending your registers and erasing the break. So if you want to belt and hit those high notes with confidence - this is the course for you!

What Does This Course Include?

This course has six modules that include video lessons and assignments. You also get lifetime access to 40 audio exercises and worksheets that cover everything from tracking your progress to goal setting and mindset work.

Do I Need to Be Available to Work Through the Lessons Over 10 Weeks? 

No. The content is set up over a 10-week period to avoid overwhelm and to enable you to begin the foundation necessary to Erase Your Break in a step-by-step manner. Though we recommend this weekly approach, this is ongoing, lifelong work so, you can work through the lessons and coursework at your pace and in whatever order works best for you. Plus, your lifetime access means you can revisit the lessons if you ever need a refresher.

How Long Do I Have Access? 

Purchase of this course provides you access for the lifetime of the product so that you can get the support you need when you need it.

Are There Discounts?

Though the course is not offered at a discounted rate, our Vocal Pro members receive Erase Your Break, and all current and future courses, for only $65/month.

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Science-Backed Curriculum to Improve Your Singing - No matter your style!